Acrow Props (Refurbished)

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Acrow Props (Refurbished)

Trusted by the trade, our Acrow Props have a multitude of uses from supporting RSJ’s and lintels to supporting load-bearing walls while new openings are formed, you can rely on our props to do the job.

These Acrow Props have been refurbished from old stock and may have differences which have occurred during the restoration/re-paint process.

You have a choice of two prop sizes:

Size 1: Closed 1.753m, Fully Open 3.124m

Size 2: Closed 1.981m, Fully Open 3.352m


More information regarding delivery can be found here.

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  • Technical Information

    You will find that as you extend the Acrow, from hole 5 onwards, there may be some differences that relate to the distance between each extension. This should not affect you achieving a particular height in any way as the colour adjustment will allow you to adjust the height where necessary.

    Individual Acrow Prop Weight

    Acrow Prop Size
    Size 0
    Size 1
    Size 2 
    Size 3
    Size 4
    Product Weight
    10 KG
    14.7 KG
    15.3 KG
    17.6 KG
    21 KG

    Our Acrow Props are made from high-grade steel, the outer tube diameter is 60.3mm and uses roll threading technology for increased strength. The inner tube diameter is 48.3mm. 

    The threaded portion is friction welded to the outer tube, which reduces the weight but not the strength of your Prop.

    A single prop consists of an inner and outer tube, welded base plates top and bottom, collar with a handle to adjust the height and then finished off with a pin to secure at the perfect height.

    All of our props are manufactured conforming to BS4074 and tested to BS5507, following ISO 9001:2015 quality system accreditation. This means they have been fully tested to meet all Health and Safety requirements, unlike many cheaper untested copies.

    BS4074 Specifies materials and dimensions for the parts of a prop and strut, and two alternative means for producing a suitable design, either by adherence to specified geometrical limits or by reference to minimum performance criteria. 

    BS5507 Specifies requirements for determining the compressive strength of props. 

  • Product F.A.Q

    What is an Acrow Prop used for? 

    Acrow Props are used within the building trade to create temporary supports.

    • Ceiling Supports
    • Supporting Beams, RSJ's & Lintels
    • Shoring up structures
    • Supporting load-bearing walls

    How can we be sure that your props are tested?

    We have full confidence in our Acrow Props and although they have been tested to the relevant BS standards, our suppliers have gone the extra mile and have had a structural engineer verify that the props are 100% compliant with British Standards.

    What is the weight of an Acrow Prop?

    Acrow props will weigh more as you increase the size, this is due to the additional material required to meet the length requirements. You can find the individual weights for our Acrow Props in the technical information above.

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